Three Days Center Horizontal Road- Island Excursion

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  • Participants » 4 people to run
  • Price» Adult NT$ 12900.00000 /person
  • Child NT$ 12900.00000 / person
  • Infant NT$ 0 / person

Product Introduction

    Taiwan's mountains are attracting the attention of hikers from all over the world for their height, which rivals the Alps and the Rocky Mountains, and their beautiful alpine scenery. While some of the highest peaks require considerable time and effort to reach, there is one place on the island that gives an instant overview of what Taiwan's mountains have to offer. Mt. Hehuan, despite its altitude of more than 3,000 meters, has a road that goes right across it, making access very convenient. It is the best place to see snow in the tropics, and escape from the summer heat. In as little as one day, you can travel the highest road in East Asia, and take the many hiking paths that lead off the main road. These are usually short and always safe. Mt. Hehuan, Taiwan's "tourist mountain", rivals the island's other high peaks in scenery and atmosphere, yet it is easily reachable by car or on foot. Accommodation is offered at Hohuan Cottage. At the same time, it is the starting point for one of Taiwan's most challenging and exciting treks, Chilai Ridge , a two-day "ultimate experience" that involves negotiating a knife-edge ridge with many dizzying pinnacles. Although the road scares away many of the birds and animals for which Taiwan is known, a short walk along the trails leading off the main road, particularly those in the direction of Chilai, will reveal their presence."

    【Tour Stops】
    Day 1
    08:00 pick-up from hotel- Tai-yi ecological education resort- Chingjing SmallSwiss Garden- 18:00 Overnight at Chingjing

    Day 2
    08:30 Visit Center horizontal road- Visit Bilyu Sacred tree- Tienhsiang- Visit Tiehsiang, Tunnei of Nine tums,and Etemai Spring shrine- Overnight at Hualien

    Day 3
    09:00 Visit Chi Shing Beach- Ching Shui cliff- Su Hua road- Jinchelan Park- ILan Distillery- Arrive in Taipei

    Air conditoner van/bus& itinerary exposition
    All enterance fee included
    2 nights accommodation for double room
    Insurance for each passenger

    ※ Schedules are subject to change without notice.
    ※ Information supported by Tourism Bureau.
    ※ Free pick-up service is allowed only in Taipei City. Please meet at 『East gate 3 of Taipei main station』when passengers stay at out of Taipei City.