Wulai Aboriginal Village Tour-Half Day(PM)Product No.:BTR0000000024

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  • Participants » 1 people to run
  • Price» Adult NT$ 1500.00000 up / person
  • Child NT$ 1200.00000 up / person
  • Infant NT$ 100.00000up / person

Product Introduction

    Wulai is a famous mountain village in northern Taiwan and is located in water reservation area. Residents are most aboriginal people (Atayal Tribe). There are high mountains along the intersection of Nanshi River and Tonghou River. Beautiful scenery is formed by the high mountains and running rivers. The place is famous for hot springs, trail train, waterfalls and Yunxian Holiday Resort.
    It is said that Wulai is a term used by Atayal Tribe. It means hot spring. Thus, the hot springs here are acclaimed. The quality of hot springs is carbonic acid springs with minor base. The hot springs are clear, transparent, colorless, and odorless. The famous Wulai Waterfall is about 80 meters high. It is magnificent like a white silk cloth coming down from the sky. In addition, the sightseeing trail train is part of the uniqueness of Wulai. Trail train used to be for transportation of lumber but now it is for tourists' pleasure. The aboriginal culture center across Wulai Waterfall is a remodeled museum of aboriginal folk art. It introduces the aboriginal culture, customs and habits of Atayal Tribe and demonstrates the historical artifacts. The highlight of the visit to the center is the singing and dancing show of aboriginal people. One visiting Wulai would feel like entering into Shangrila. It is fairies land and a best place for recreation.

    【Tour Stops】
    13:00 PICK UP
    14:00 Push Car Ride
    14:30 Wulai Waterfall
    15:00 Aboriginal Folk Dance
    16:00 Swallow Lake (Pass by)
    16:20 Chieftain Statue
    17:00 Back to Hotels

    Air conditoner van/bus& itinerary exposition
    Aboriginal Folk Dance
    Insurance for each passenger

    ※ Schedules are subject to change without notice.
    ※ Information supported by Tourism Bureau.
    ※ Free pick-up service is allowed only in Taipei City. Please meet at 『East gate 3 of Taipei main station』when passengers stay at out of Taipei City.