5 Days Round The Islan Excursion (With Alishan National Scenic Area)Product No.:BTR0000000026

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  • Participants » 2 people to run
  • Price» Adult NT$ 19900.00000 up / person
  • Child NT$ 16600.00000 up / person
  • Infant NT$ 1200.00000up / person

Product Introduction

    Sun Moon Lake, the highest lake in Taiwan Island, offers you an attractive Vacation spot. Its surrounding mountains, A sun shaped and a moon shaped lake includes many worth-seeing places , like Wen Wu Temple .Te Hua village.Holy Monk Shrine.

    Alishan National Forest Recreation Area is located in Alishan Township, Chiayi, covering an area of 1400 hectares with the main tourism spot locating at about 2,200 meters high above sea level. It is cloudy mid-elevation temperate climate with an average annual temperature 10.6 ℃ and the annual rainfall is up to 4,000 mm. There are 209 raining days and 244foggy days on average. The heavily wet weather contribute the outstanding forest and climate landscape such as Alishan sunrise, sea of clouds, afterglow, forest, railways which count to the five famous sightseeing spots known internationally.
    Kenting National Park-Taiwan’s first national park, is located at the southern tip of Taiwan. With warm climate, pleasant scenery, and easy access, it is one of the most popular resorts, attracting millions of both domestic and foreign tourists every year.

    Zouying is one of the early developed area, by Northwest of Kaohsiung., when visiting here, you will be surprised to see so many temples surrounding it. Spring and Autumn Shrine Pavilions is a colorful pagoda with a Dragon and a Tiger, people go in from Dragon and come out from Tiger, believing to bring them good luck, why not trying it?
    Taroko Gorge is such a natural wonder by central Mountain range. Its beauty wins the reputation as number one in Taiwan. Marble Formation mountains, twist in and out , and sided by quick running Li-Wu Brook . Many of the steep walking paths, built by aborigines. In the past, hung among the mountains. Visiting here, you’ll fine many Indigenous species birds, animals, flowers, that are no seem anywhere else. Tunnel of Nine Turns & Eternal Spring Shrine are just like old Chinese landscape printings.

    【Tour Stops】
    Day 1
    7:00 Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung → Xiangshan Visitor Center and Bicycle Cycling Trail →Lunch→Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour →Sun Moon Lake Ropeway → Taichung
    ※If Ropeway stop running will change to Wen Wan Resort Sky Desk.

    Day 2
    07:30Taichung→Tea of Alishan→Lunch →Alishan Forest Recreation Area→Alishan Forest Railway(Shenmu Line or Zhaoping Line)→by THSR for Kaoshiung

    Day 3
    9:00Enbus for Kenting National Park(Maopitou, Olumpi light house,Lungpan Park)→ Kaohsiung Hotel check in

    Day 4
    9:00 Kaohisung city tour (Cheng Chiang Lake Eternal Spring and Autumn Shrine Pavilions)→Take domestic airplane for Hualien Hotel check in

    Day 5
    9:00 Enbus for Taroko Gorge Gateway Eternal Spring Shrine Swallow Caves, Tunnel of nine turnTienhsiang Lodge Marble Factory→ train ride for Taipei

    Taipei/Taichung/Kaoshiung by THSR, Kaohsiung/Hualien/Taipei by Train, Air-conditoner van/bus on Local.
    Accommodation: 3nights/ double room (Taichung*1, Kaohsiung*2, Hualien*1)
    Hotel: Taichung-Holiday Inn Hotel/Kaohsiung-Khan Hotel/ Hualien- Azure Hotel (or same class hotel)

    Meals: ABF*3 / LUN*2
    All enterance fee included

    ※ Schedules are subject to change without notice
    ※ Day 4 from Kaohsiung to Hualien by train instead of plane, the tour fare is ADT@19000, CHD@15200
    ※ Information supported by Tourism Bureau.
    ※ Free pick-up service is allowed only in Taipei City. Please meet at 『East gate 3 of Taipei main station』when passengers stay at out of Taipei City.