Hualien Whale Watching & East Rift Valley 2 Days TourProduct No.:BTR0000000029

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  • Participants » 2 people to run
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Product Introduction

    The east coast of Hualien, is the best season tours for whale activity. Whale watching boats also are ready to give you an unforgettable whale watching tours. Feelings of whales and dolphins in the sea of passion and movement. Hualien of east coast scenery is very charming, water cliff magnificent, the camera is ready to let the world's whale Whale lead you to enjoy the ocean.
    The lake surface is sought as bright and clear as a mirror. The reflection of majestic mountain peaks on the water’s surface portrays a mystical poem that reveals nature’s beauty throughout the season. Bamboo Charcoal Plant- A facility uses high temperature kiln to produce bamboo charcoal. Kuang-Fu Sugar Factory- The factory not only produces sugar products but also provides a variety of popular popsicles (ice bar) and ice cream for visitors to purchase. Lin-tien Mountain Forestry Culture Center: the fourth largest forest wood harvest center in Taiwan. It was a thriving logging village from 1960 to 1986. Rareseed Ranch- The ranch land is very fertile due to the fresh water supply from the Central Mountain Range.

    【Tour Stops】
    Day 1
    Taking train by yourself→12:30 Hualien train station→13:30 whale watching for half day→return to hotel
    Day 2
    08:00 hotel pick up→Japanese Temple(close on Monday and change to other place)→ Villa home→ Linten Forest Area→ Kuang-Fu Sugar Factory→Rareseed Ranch →18:00 bus to Hualien train station→ back to TPE

    Air conditoner van/bus& itinerary exposition
    Taipei to Hualien round way train tickets
    All enterance fee included
    1st night accommodation for double room
    Hotel: Park City Hotel/ (or same class hotel)

    Insurance for each passenger

    ※ Schedules are subject to change without notice
    ※ Taking train to Hualien by youself