WOC2024-Tainan Historic & Cultural 1 Day City TourProduct No.:BTR0000001201

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  • Participants »minimum of 20 people to run
  • Price» Adult NT$ 0 up / person
  • Child NT$ 0 up / person
  • Infant NT$ 0up / person

Product Introduction

    【Departure Date 】
    ● 2024 February 25 (SUN)➜● Tour Fee : NTD2,300/each
    ● 2024 February 27 (TUE)➜● Tour Fee : NTD2,200/each

    ※If you have any online payment problems,
    please send E-mail to : chris.chen@settour.com.tw
    or register@woc23.com

    【Price Details】
    ● Tour requires a minimum of 20 guests
    ● Departs from Hotel in Tainan City

    【Tour Fee included】
    1.English speaking tour guide
    2.All transportation (Tour Bus)
    3.Admission tickets to all activities on itinerary
    4.1 Meal : Lunch (NTD600/each)
    5.Liability insurance and performance bond insurance.
    a)Accidental Death / 5 million NTD
    b)Medical Insurance / 200,000 NTD
    6.Gratuity of bus driver & Tour guide

    1.Any optional activities not on itinerary.
    2.Meals not listed above

    【Itinerary Content】
    Hotel A Pick-up→Hotel B Pick-up→Snail Alley→Chikan Tower→Confucius Temple Cultural Park→Tainan Art Museum Building 2→Hayashi Department Store→Hotel B Drop-off→Hotel A Drop-off
    08:30----Gathering & Pick-Up at the front gate of the hotel A。
    09:00----Gathering & Pick-Up at the front gate of the hotel B。
    09:10~10:20【Snail Alley~combination of old and new architecture】
    In Snail Alley, the old red brick buildings juxtaposed with a new trendy minimalist style quietly tell the history of this ancient city. Learning from snails, and amble gently and slowly through the inviting alleyways filled with a cultured ambience, search for "snail" installation art hidden in various corners: some are bright and lively, standing in a prominent position, waiting for visitors to pick up their cameras and snap away at their beauty; others are low-profile and hidden in inconspicuous corners or along the walls, so you will miss them if you are not careful. If you come to Snail Alley, don’t miss the chance to find these snails!
    10:30~11:40【Chikan Tower】
    Chihkan Tower is the oldest building in Tainan City, is one of Tainan's most famous landmarks. Originally built as Fort Provintia in 1652 by the Dutch, the building set the tone as the location of the administrative center of Tainan, and has gone through numerous repairs and refurbishments over the past 300 years to give it its current appearance.
    11:50~12:50【Lunch : Tainan cuisine】
    13:10~14:10【Confucius Temple Cultural Park】
    The “Premier Academy of Taiwan” has more than three hundred years of history as a Confucian temple, and it would be safe to say that this place is the heart of Tainan as an ancient capital of culture. When visiting the Confucian Temple, do not forget to ask the great teacher himself for some words of wisdom!
    14:20~15:20【Tainan Art Museum Building 2】(transfer on foot)
    Jointly designed by architects Joe Shih and Shigeru Ban Architects, Tainan Art Museum Building 2 is the work of Pritzker Architecture Prize recipient. The design of the building drew inspiration from Delonix regia and its conspicuous pentagonal contours certainly helped to turn the architecture into a cultural landmark that embodies Tainan.
    15:30~16:30【Hayashi Department Store】(transfer on foot)
    On June 30th 2013, the Hayashi Department Store, the largest of Tainan's old building's, was opened for tours after refurbishment. It built in 1932 during the Japanese Colonial Time. It was a very busy part of Tainan, but after the end of the Japanese Colonial Period, the owner returned to Japan, and the Hayashi Department Store was left empty, leaving people to eventually forget about its former glory. In 2014, its status as a department store was restored, with a great many limited edition Hayashi goods on sale inside. In addition, there are some important points that must not be missed: The elevator's floor indicator is the old style dial type, now probably the only remaining one in Taiwan, which preserves the authentic feel of the place. The Torii shrine on the top floor is also one of a kind, be sure to go upstairs and have a look. A hole in a wall from the bombing by US Forces during World War II is a link to the building's past.
    16:30~17:00 Back to Hotel B and Drop-Off。
    17:00~17:30 Back to Hotel A and Drop-Off
    *The itinerary time may change due to different traffic, weather, or unforeseen conditions, circumstances, SETTour reserves the right to alter tour itinerary.**